The Mt. Carmel Survivors Newsletter July, 2005 I appreciate all the letters and phone calls that have come in these past two weeks, since the last newsletter was sent out, wishing me all the best with my broken leg, as well as their feed back on the newsletter itself. Last Wdnesday I went and had more X-rays done on the ankle and it appears to be mending OK. At the same time I had a new cast put on with what they call a "walking heel" embedded. I had to stay off it for 48 hours until it set, but can now put some weight on it, althought I'm still having to use the crutches. I heard that Bob Kendrick had sprained his leg and also Mary Winborn hand an accident in her back yard that involved her arm or shoulder being messed up. It would seem I'm not the only one having problems and being put out of commission. In my last newsletter I alluded to the possibility that Amo Roden had filed and appeal of the judges decision to deny her a temporary injunction against us. ON checking with the county records office I found no paperwork to back this up. I did however receive some correspondence from one of the readers of the newsletter who had talked with Amo. Appparently she is still talking of pursuing the original case with a jury sometime in September. We will have to wait and see what develops. Last month I also reported that a newsletter sent to Renos Avraam came back with refused written on it. Word this week has informed me that Renos has been moved from Kentucky to Louisiana. Just why the need to move the prisoners at this late stage of their incarceration (since they are due to be released next year) has not been explained, but it is possible that this is just a power play to keep the prisoners off-guard and to make it harder for visitors to see them, since each time a move is made those on the visiting lists have to reapply all over again. Renos' current address is now: Renos Avraam #a60590-080, F.D.C. Oakdale, P.O. Box 5010, Oakdale, LA 71463-5010. It doesn't make much sense sending him down south if he is to be deported back to England. You would think that the New York area would be the closest port of departure? The main reason this newsletter is being sent out early this month is because of some information that was handed to me about a week ago which I felt impressed to share with your. From what I am hearing some of the issues have already been voted on and passed. I am not sure whether it is too late to do anything about stoppign what the New World Order agencies have already done, but we need to make an effort. I think it is important for each one of us to get copies of this material to as many peopla as possible. It may also help to write letters of protests to as many Congressmen and Senators as you can, and let them know that we are not happy with our freedoms being continually stolen from us. Some of you may have already recieved this material or at least know something about its contents, but since I don't know who of you do or do not, I'm sendning them to the whole mailing list. For those of you who have radio or TV shows, web sites or use E-mails this information needs to be gotten out to the general population as soon as possible. Education is only part of the battle against tyranny, but it is important. The drought we have had here at Mt. Carmel for the past two months has ben relieved by some recent rains that were much needed. For that we thank the Lord. Watering the memorial trees has always been a big project each summer, especially during a drought. These rains will give us a respite for a while. Of course we'll now have to get back to mowing again, as I'm sure the grass will start taking over fairly quickly. I still have to have the cast on for about another 4 weeks so I'm not going to be much help to Ron in the mowing department till after it is removed. The trees are in the process of flowering, this rain should boost that along as well. It is a pity that the crepe myrtle trees do not bloom during the April 19 memorial when many of you come to visit, but they sure look beautiful when they do. Next month's newsletter will be sent out at the regular time unless something of importance causes a rescheduling. May God bless you all. Keep the letters and phone calls coming, each one is much appreciated. A special thanks for all those giving financial support to this ministry. I couldn't keep it up without your help. Love, Clive ***NOTE*** The four page attachment has been ommited. It dealt with a supposed UN treaty that would ban vitamins and supplements along with organic and free range foods, subject all our food to radiation and chemical & hormone treatment, among other things. Though Clive recieved this in print format it originated in January 2005 as an email "urban legend" that has been debunked. Half of the information is outdated (from the 1960s) and the other half is blatantly false.