The Mt. Carmel Survivors Newsletter June, 2005 Hello to all! I'm sitting here with my leg in a plaster cast, having just found out that I have a broken fibia in my left leg. This came about as a result of going down to Pflugerville, Texas last Sunday, June 26, and volunteering to help put a roof on George Pulliam's widow's house. Well it has been about 20 years since I did any roofing and for some reason I'm not as spry as I was then. About 4 or 5 hours into the job I slipped and fell backwards, landing on my left leg. Fortunately I didn't fall off the roof, which would have landed me in a cactus bed, but I did pop my ankle. I thought I had just sprained the ankle which swelled up right away, but today I found out that it was broken. So I am confined to a cast for the next six weeks. There will be two weeks on crutches after which I will have some sort of padding put on the bottom so I can walk on the cast. So I'm off work for a while. I guess now is as good a time as ever to work on this newsletter? Speaking of George Pulliam, last April 19th we had a plaque engraved in memory of George all ready to mount on the chapel here at Mt. Carmel. All that was lacking was the picture. Well it finally got done and the plaque is now mounted on the right side of the front entrance underneath the light fixture. June 8th, after several months of delays and rescheduling, we did get a hearing in the Court, on the Temporary Restraining Order that Amo Roden had filed against us. After about three hours of Amo representing herself and presenting her arguments the judge chose to deny her request. This is ony a partial victory in this battle. I just recieved word today that the judge's decision has been appealed by Amo. The appeal was filed June 17. She has not given up by any means, and this is not even the original suit where Amo filed for &100,000 in damages against myself and the Sheriff's Department. No date has been set for this as yet, but Amo is still wanting to pursue the matter before a jury. So your continued prayers on hour behalf would be appreciated. We will have to wait and see what further developments there are in this saga. I ran into Robert Arnold (alias "Andrew" or X-98) at the library on Monday. He kept saying out loud to me, "January 4, Doyle, January 4, 2300 days." He repeated this several times but I chose to ignore him and walked out of the building. He continued to yell the same words over and over as I drove away. Robert has from time to time made statements about the church burning down and he can't wait to dance in the ashes of the new chapel. Whether these recent outbursts allude to a time frame for this to happen I don't know, but he has something in mind. Quite a number of recipients of the newsletter have indicated their appreciation at being kept informed of the latest news of the various survivors, especially the guys in prison, as it comes to hand. One comment though indicated that they would rather see articles that presented more of the tenets of our faith, as taught by David Koresh, explaining that this is where our focus should really be concentrated. My position has been that I will share the things that I believe with anyone who is interested, butnot to push my convictions unless invited. After all this is a newsletter, rather than a doctrinal journal, or religious tract. If there are those who would like to have studies, or doctrinal questtions presented in the newsletter give me your feedback on the subject. My object with this letter has been to provide a link with all the surviving members of David Koresh's student body, and also those friends and supporters who have stood by us all these years. Each month, after the newsletters have been sent out, a few come back because of people moving around and not always notifying me that their address has changed. Please keep us informed if your are planningto move, it will help save postage. One copy that came back this month was the one I had sent to Renos Avraam. It had refused stamped on the envelope. I'm not sure whether it was his choice or the guards in the mail room? The envelope did not appear to have been opened and usually if the prison refuses a mailing you get a slip from them giving their reason. So I'm a bit puzzled. If anyone has contact with Renos please find out and report back to me. I would surely appreciate it. There is no new news from the prisoners this month, except in a letter from Livingstone he made the point that he only gets to make one fifteen minute phone call per month. So for some of you who may be wishing he would call, try and understand his predicament. I will say bye for now. Hopefully there will be something positive to report next month. Until then, may God bless. Love, Clive Doyle