The General Association of the Branch Davidian Seventh Day Adventists Mt. Carmel Center 1785 Double EE Ranch Rd., Waco, Texas 76705; Phone: (254) 863-5985 Mailing Address: P.O. Box 120, Axtell, Texas 76624 MARCH 2005 NEWSLETTER To all our friends and supporters worldwide, greetings. Another month has passed into the history books and before we all know it we will be participating in another April 19 memorial. We do plan on having a memorial this year, for those of you who wish to attend. It will be held in the Mt. Carmel Chapel, April 19 (Tuesday) at 10 a.m. A number of guest speakers have been invited to say a few words and we hope that all who can make it will make the effort to join with us. On March 4th, several of us, including Sheila Martin, Catherine Matteson and myself, attended the 109th Annual Meeting, sponsored by The Texas Sate Historical Association, which was held at the Radisson Plaza Hotel in Fort Worth. Three papers were presented at that time. The first was The Davidian Seventh-day Adventists: 1929 – 2005, by Kenneth Newport from Liverpool Hope University College in England. The second was The Stories of Waco, by David Steward from Southwestern University, Georgetown, Texas. And finally Autobiographies of Three Surviving Branch Davidians: An Initial Report. This third paper was presented by Catherine Wessinger from Loyola University in New Orleans, Louisiana. At the end of the speeches Sheila, Catherine and myself were asked to say a few words, which were well received by all in attendance. As many of you are anxious to know what took place on March 9th in regard to the hearing on the Motion for Temporary Injunction brought by Amo Bishop against myself and other residents hre at Mt. Carmel, I’m afraid the news is the same as last month. When we arrived at the Court we were informed that the judge, Alan Mayfield, had once again postponed the hearing. The next scheduled date is April 13, at 2 p.m. One development in this ongoing saga has been that after months of trying to find legal representation in this case an attorney has volunteered to take on the task. His name will be familiar to many of you from the Criminal Trial that took place against us in San Antonio, Texas in 1994. This attorney was a part of the Government’s prosecution team at that time, being District Attorney here in Waco. His name is Bill Johnston. Years after the trial he assisted Mike McNulty, whom many of you know as the producer of the Rules of Engagement documentary which was nominated for an Academy Award, to get access to the evidence that was being held in Austin, Texas by the Department of Public Safety. He also became a whistle-blower and wrote a letter to Janet Reno which ended up costing him his job as District Attorney. It is our prayer that his willingness to assist us in resolving the Mt. Carmel property issue will not only bring victory to us in this matter, but will ultimately be an occasion for his salvation. Keep this matter in your prayers and we will endeavor to keep you updated as time goes on. On March 14, Amo’s truck, where she has been living for the past couple of months, was towed off the Mt. Carmel property. Since the Courts are dragging their feet in this matter we took it upon ourselves to remedy the situation. Although she has made a couple of efforts to return and picket outside the gate, as well as block traffic she has not been able to move back on. The issue of the Mt. Carmel property needs to be resolved soon as we not only have Amo to deal with but also Robert Arnold a.k.a. “Andrew” is back in the picture threatening to take over the property, destroy the chapel, and build a new church on the spot. Robert, like Amo, is not a member of the church. He claims to be a Muslim, but with his threats of violence tends to give that religion a bad image. In our last newsletter we brought to your attention Kevin Whitecliff’s plight in regards to his early release to a halfway house. I wish to thank all those, who were moved by the story, who are making efforts to get the word out, writing letters of protest, and doing whatever they can to show their support for the men in prison. A phone call from Paul Fatta informed me that the Texas Parole Board does not want any of our prisoners to be released in Texas. He thought however that release could be obtained in other States perhaps if all of the prisoners’ good time was intact. A recent phone call from Kevin confirms that Texas is the problem. He informed me that not only he but also Brad Branch have been turned down, using the excuse that these two young men are affiliated with a terrorist organization. Kevin also stated that in order to be released early in any State you must have acceptable connections. You must have a job to work at and at the end of the 6 months in the halfway house you must have a guarantee of a residence. The fines and restitutions levied against these men is an ongoing problem which continues to haunt them. On top of paying to stay in the halfway house, money will continue to be extracted from them for the rest of their lives, a veritable “ball and chain.” Kevin believes that what is being perpetrated here is a way to extend their captivity time. He says that even if they serve out their incarceration, without early release, they will still be required to go into a halfway house when they do get out of prison, using “public law” to keep them under lock and key, so to speak, because they do not have a sufficient means of support and no permanent address. If anyone out there wishes to protest this situation they might choose to write to the individual responsible for the denials that we have mentioned. The name and address is: Ruby J. Lehrman, Chief Probation Officer, Western District of Texas, 727 E. Durango, San Antonio, Texas 78206. A recent letter from Livingston Fagan revealed that the facility where he is being held has, after 12 years of incarceration, began to interfere with his mail. Typed articles of Livingstone’s own writings, being sent to him, are being rejected and returned to the sender, with the excuse that multiple copies could be used for distribution. Our prayers go up each day for each and every one of you and we pray that the work will continue to move steadily forward. We ever strive to be in accordance with God’s will and ask for your continued prayers and support as we come up to this 12th anniversary of the raid and fire at Mt. Carmel. We ask God to especially be with the families of those who died and we look forward to the time when we can be reunited with them in the resurrection. Please stay in touch, we love to hear from those of our little flock scattered across this country and around the world. Your friend and brother, Clive Doyle