Mt. Carmel Survivors Newsletter April 2005 April is almost over and it is time for another update on what has been transpiring since my last newsletter went out. Last month we reported that our Court hearing had been rescheduled for April 9. I'm afraid the story is the same this month. The Court has put off the hearing once again. This time the new date is set for June 8, at 2 p.m. Apparently the judge had a case that wasgetting under way and also our attorney was to begin a trial on that same day, so he was requesting the judge for a continuance. Personally I do not think the judge is all that interested in hearing this issue and any excuse to postpone it coming to Court suits him fine. I wish to thank all those who were supportive throughout this past month. Some gave of their means to help with expenses and others donated time and effort in getting ready for our annual memorial, of which I will speak more in just a moment. I also want to say how much I appreciate those who made the effort to write or are in the process of writing to try to get help for those like Kevin and Brad who are seeking an early release from prison. Hopefully we will hear that your efforts have been of assistance. I'm sure that our guys were encouraged to know tha there were those who cared about their plight to make an effort to help. Getting back to the memorial that was held on April 19, this year. On the following page is the story published in the Waco Herald-Tribune of April 20. As usual the media down-played the number that were in attendance. We had closer to 70 or so people who made it to the meeting. There were some who have faithfully attended each year that were not present, due to various circumstances, but by and large we had a good gathering and I hope that it was worth the effort for those who did show up. We had people from as far away as California, North Carolina, Missouri, New Mexico, Indiana, a film crew from England, as well as people from all over Texas in attendance. A number of speakers participated in the program, the first of whom was David Hall from the Associated Conservatives of Texas. he is the gentleman who has brought the Liberty Bell several times in the past. After him Angela Pace sang a song she had written called, "All For You," accompanied by her father, Charles Pace on drums. The second speaker was Religious History Professor Bill Pitts from Baylor University here in Waco, he spoke on the history of the Davidians since coming to Waco in 1935 up to the present. Rollin Lofdahl, a professional singer, who tours with Gilbert and Sullivan Light Opera Company from California, sang "The Lord Is My Light," a classical song taken from Psalms 27. The final speaker was Stuart Nelson from Austin. Stuart was one of the volunteers who helped build the chapel in 1999-2000. Part of his speech memorialized George Pulliam the architect and builder of the chapel who had passed away in February. A plaque in memory of George was presented at the end of Stuart's talk, by Roland Saenz. This will be mounted on the outside of the chapel in the near future. Finally, Ron Engleman, a former radio announcer from Dallas, read the names of all those who were killed in the initial raid by the BATF on February 28 and the subsequent fire on April 19, 1993. As the names were read at the end of the service David Hall tolled the bell for each one and finished off by playing taps on his trumpet. Catherine Wessinger, a professor from Louisiana, was not able to attend the memorial this year, but did send flowers which we appreciated very much. She also sent a copy of a magazine entitled Nova Religio, The Journal Of Alternative And Emergent Religions, Volume 8, No. 3, for March of 2005.This magazine is published by the University of California Press out of Berkeley, California. In it is an article by Mark MacWilliams, called Symbolic Resistance to thew Waco Tragedy on the Internet, which I have reproduced in its entirety with permission from Catherine Wessinger who is one of the Co- General Editors of the magazine. I am enclosing the article with this newsletter. I ask for your prayers on Catherine's behalf, as she recently underwent surgery which prevented her from attending the memorial this year. Your continued prayers and support are much appreciated. I will, God willing, continue to keep you all informed of developments about Mt. Carmel, the survivors in general and our brethren in prison in particular as they come to hand. Until next time, may God bless. Clive Doyle